Old But Fun Movie Gossip


I recently met Larry Luckinbill, who was in the seminal gay play and film The Boys in the Band, as well as in another interesting flick I asked him about–Otto Preminger‘s 1971 black comedy Such Good Friends, about a woman who learns of her husband’s serial adultery.

Luckinbill told me that Preminger was horrifically mean to the star, Dyan Cannon. He ragged on her constantly with sadistic glee, saying after a take, “Do you think Mr. Grant would like that performance?” (meaning her then husband, Cary Grant.) A recent book on Preminger claimed he’d met his match with the unruly Cannon, but Luckinbill said she was totally professional, even in the face of this monster.

In the same movie, old codger Burgess Meredith had a fantasy nude scene, and Luckinbill laughed as he told me, “Burgess was very proud of himself that day…though he looked like shit!”

By the way, the bare truth about Luckinbill’s relationship with Preminger is that after the actor went on a talk show and trashed the auteur, Preminger called him to say, “Our two-picture deal is off.” Luckinbill has never regretted that for a moment.