Puerto Rican Day Parade Rocks Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn


The Puerto Rican Day Parade was Sunday, and the clouds seemed not to dampen the traditional high spirits. Sonya Sotomayor didn’t make it, but given Republican concerns with her heritage, we can understand why. Neither did Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate attend. But the mayor and the governor and thousands of other New Yorkers lined the route and made some noise. And all over Brooklyn we had informal mini-parades of cars from which streamed the Puerto Rican flag and which blasted music or just, repeatedly, the horn. NY1 has a video report and the Daily News has its traditional slideshow, though we also like Oquendo’s at Flickr. Utterly Apauling was happy to see Bernie Williams there; Rosy of Accidental Sexiness was happy to see Jerry Rivera (“As soon as I first laid my eyes on this Puerto Rican papi there was no turning back”). Photo (cc) Oquendo.