Who’s Your Favorite Famous Daughter?


Which Hollywood spawn do you feel for with the most passion? Which one has the largest talent, whether it was acquired genetically, environmentally, or–it happens–on her own? Which one is the farthest from a charity case and would have actually made it without having had a world-famous mama opening doors left and right since birth? Which one has real pathos that she projects most adeptly into star quality?

The choices:

Kate Hudson. A grand talent–or just Goldie lite in way worse movies?

Eva Amurri. She’s hardly had the time to show her mama Susan Sarandon‘s range, but does she hint at the promise?

Gwyneth Paltrow. She won the Oscar (whereas mom Blythe Danner won a Tony and two Emmys), but since then, has she lived up to the golden hype?

Rumer Willis. No jokes! I heart her!

Liza Minnelli Sorry, but she has to appear in every single post I do. It’s in my contract.