All Hail the Three Badass Girls in Sonic Youth’s New “Sacred Trickster” Video


So what’s it like being a girl in a band, Kim Gordon? Well, as we see from Sonic Youth’s Tom Surgal-directed “Sacred Trickster” video, it’s about trying on cocktail dresses, putting on wigs, and setting off paint ball bombs at a rooftop cocktail party with a mime waiter. Duh! “Sacred Trickster” is the first track off Sonic Youth’s The Eternal, and the song–a quick explosion of noisy punk with Kim Gordon yelping lyrics about rock ‘n’ roll feminism–deserves every bit of the tongue-in-cheek treatment it gets here. The band only makes a passing appearance in the beginning of the video: Gordon pastes a poster to a graffiti covered wall with shout outs to Arthur Doyle and Magik Markers, Thurston Moore weeds through a box of records before finally settling on, you guessed it, The Eternal, and Lee Ranaldo strums on an acoustic guitar for probably the first time in his life. From there, the band is replaced by three model-looking girls strutting their stuff, rigging up the paint bombs, and paying all sorts of covert homage to enduring Sonic Youth heroes. For fun: count the Patti Smith cameos!