Booze News–Sasha Petraske Does D.C.; Boxed Wine Is Better, Says Study


Big beer companies and small craft brewers are teaming up to change a range of federal tax laws. Associations representing both groups have joined forces to introduce the Brewers Excise and Economic Relief Act (yes, the BEER Act), which would return federal excise taxes on beer to pre-1991 levels, from $18 to $9.
[The Atlantic Food Channel]

New research shows that boxed wine is less likely to be ruined by molecules that add an unwanted green vegetable taste known as “ladybug taint” than bottles sealed with either synthetic corks, screw tops or natural corks. Wine intended for aging shouldn’t be boxed, however, as the oxygen admitted by the cartons could lead to oxidation.
[New Scientist]

Dr. Hennie van Vuuren at the University of British Columbia’s Wine Research Center has developed a genetically-modified yeast that doesn’t have the headache-inducing properties found in many wines. ML01 could be used in your wine without you knowing–unless you buy organic–because it’s not required to be cited on the label.
[The Atlantic Food Channel]

Gourmet rounds up eight great affordable spirits, including Rittenhouse Bonded rye, Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old bourbon, Beefeater gin, and 30-30 Reposado tequila, none of which costs more than $25 per bottle.

New York’s beloved cocktail mastermind, Sasha Petraske is moonlighting in D.C., where he developed the cocktail menu for–of all places–the bar at the new W hotel, which opens July 8. Like Milk & Honey and Little Branch, the W hotel bar will feature classic cocktails made with temperature-controlled spirits, and no less than seven different styles of ice.
[Washington Post]