Download and/or Watch the Video for Woods’ “To Clean”


Brooklyn’s Woods, who put out records on Woodsist alongside the similiarly lo-fi Vivian Girls, Wavves, et al, have a new video out for “To Clean,” an ace, Flying Nun-reminiscent track off their newest, April’s Songs of Shame. The video is sort of needlessly epileptic/terrifying, but there’s something about “To Clean”– the way the two voices go in and out of phase with one another, that lovely duet playing off the slightly discordant instruments underneath, or fact that the whole little drama clocks in a tidy two plus minutes, just long enough to sting but still short enough to leave a lot of things unsaid. Add it to your Chris Knox playlist, in amongst “All My Hollowness to You” and “Not Given Lightly.” [via RCRD LBL, Pitchfork]