I Got Dissed By Daffy’s


Last year, I was asked to be in an ad campaign for Daffy’s, the affordable store I actually rather liked (until now, that is). I whorishly said sure, only to later find out I had been dumped because the art director didn’t want me in the least. Jeez! Was this reminiscent of my long-ago experience when Amaretto Di Saronno snipped me from their ad campaign because a photo of me in a dress turned up? (It turned up because I had included it in my press kit, by the way!)

After all, it can’t be because I’m not fabulous enough. I’m wildly, insanely on top of my game! And it’s certainly not because I’m too old! (I AM, but they ended up with a really ancient, and very cute, woman in the ads, so that can’t be an issue.) So all I can think of is that I must be too much of a faygele–especially since the middle-aged guy they replaced me with (whom I love) is gay, bi, whatever, but married to a biological woman. I guess I should have done that years ago!

In any case, Daffy’s, why don’t you step up to the plate and reveal just why you were wacky enough to give the dump to the most outspoken gay journalist in town?