Iran to Hold Recount; Internet People Urge Twitter, Green Websites (Update: Recount Rejected)


Following the lead of the world’s greatest democracy, Iran will hold a “partial recount” of votes from their strongly disputed Presidential election. If it follows the historical precedent of Florida 2000, the recount will be rendered moot, Ahmadinejad will be certified, and Iran will invade Mexico.

Social media is widely considered to be useful in the resistance of Moussavi supporters, with (the now defunct) Twazzup and Friendfeed among the more popular aggregators. Some websites have made their banners green in solidarity with the protesters (several of whom, it should be mentioned, have died in clashes with authorities). John Cole is skeptical: “If someone can give me one legitimate piece of evidence that wearing green boxers is going to help bring democracy to Iran,” he says, “so help me I’ll wear plaid from head to toe and shoot for world peace.”

President Obama has responded cautiously to the continuing crisis, saying he is “deeply troubled” by the violence but saying that America will “respect Iranian sovereignty.” This enrages his opponents, who call for a more confrontational response. Photo (cc) .faramarz.

Update: Opposition figures have rejected the recount, are holding out for a new election. The state signals it will go through with one anyway, to be monitored by its “electoral watchdog, the Guardians Council,” a sort of combination Supreme Court and Inquisition which generally concerns itself with maintaining Iran’s theocracy.