Kids Still Fat, But Not Getting Fatter; Who’s Really Manning Your Favorite Food Cart?


Is your favorite kabob guy operating under a dead guy’s license? Maybe. The city is investigating a racket in which street food vendors pretend to be other vendors who have died or left the country. Renewed permits go for $200, and can be leased for thousands.
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Kids are still too fat these days, but new research suggests they might not get any fatter. Chicken nuggets, burgers, fries and colas are still favorites, but the popularity of these foods is declining, while soup, yogurt, fruit, grilled chicken and chocolate milk are on the rise. Factors like the economic downturn and new offerings from fast-food chains are to thank.
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It’s not all good news for child obesity. MeMe Roth, who runs a group called National Action Against Obesity, struggles against the junk food served at her kids’ school on special occasions: cupcakes on birthdays, Fun-Dip packets on Valentine’s Day, and doughnuts for fun. Roth now has her kids sneak such foods into a Tupperware she calls a “junk food collector.”
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The produce sellers in McCarren Park’s farmers market are none too happy about being asked to move just outside the park to avoid tramping on the grass. The Parks Department has plans to uproot the Greenmarket from the corner of Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street and supplant it on the concrete jungle of Union Avenue.
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Probiotics-enriched salsa, omega-3-enriched OJ, calcium-enriched pasta–boosting the nutrients in foods is all the rage these days. But are fortified Frankenfoods as healthy as taking supplements or simply eating good, whole foods? Depends who you ask.
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