Let the “Best of the Decade” Listmaking Bacchanal Begin



Look, I don’t want to freak anyone out here, but is everyone aware that this decade ends in, like, six months or so? The whole thing? The ‘Aughts, or whatever we’re gonna call ’em? You realize what this means, right? Wanton rock-critic lists, that’s what. Get ready for a whole lotta Kid A praise, everybody. And warm up by perusing Andrew Unterberger’s blog Intensities in Ten Suburbs, wherein the critic for the late, lamented Stylus indulges his great love for exhaustive pop-culture lists (“100 Years 50 Losers” and whatnot) by counting down the best songs of 2000-2009, a/k/a 10 Years 100 Songs. He is counting down from #100 to #1 one song at a time, with a thoughtful wonky essay for each. Green Day, Taylor Swift, Sugar Ray, Fergie, and Lindstrom are among those already considered; when’s the last time you read a 900-word treatise on Chevelle?