Palin Accepts Letterman Groveling; Protest Still On at Ed Sullivan Theater


David Letterman’s second apology for inappropriate laugh-making at Sarah Palin’s daughter or daughters has been accepted by Sarah Palin, who thanked America’s servicemen and women for preserving our right to free speech, which must be some sort of inside joke. But if you think that’s the end of it, you aren’t subscribing to the right newsletters. Many conservatives refuse to accept Letterman’s apology, and the Fire David Letterman rally is still on for 4:30 today at the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Letterman tapes his show. “A belated, accepted apology is not sufficient accountability,” protest organizer Michael Patrick Leahy tells us. The event also has a Facebook page, which features a link to Wikipedia’s entry on freedom of speech, proving that conservatives do indeed have a sense of humor.