Quick Hits – 6/16/2009


Calvary Cemetery, Queens.

At Concierge, for tourists: “Ten Things Not to Do in New York.” We concur except for the street dogs: if you get them grilled, not boiled, you’re fine.

Deutsche Bank Predicts 40% Drop in New York Home Prices.” Keep it up, folks, and maybe someday we can afford to live in our old neighborhood.

Unemployed and Struggling Lawyers Seek Solace.” Experts advise them to cultivate an “upbeat” attitude. Maybe they can visualize screwing somebody.

Study Suggests Memory Repression May Help the Traumatized.” You mean all that stuff about getting in touch with our feelings was bullshit? Oh no… the voices… they’re back!

That Bloomsday Twitter thing we told you about has happened.

“[Federal Reserve Board Governor Kevin] Warsh warns of false optimism on economy.” Way ahead of you, buddy.