Strange Snacks of the World–ScracK Is Like Smoking Crack!


We spotted it just as we were walking up that ramp after buying our weekly pound of guanciale at Buon Italia–a snack with the intriguing name of ScracK. Running it over in our minds, all sorts of bad jokes occurred to us.

Mommy: “Little Johnny, what are you doing there in the corner of your room all by yourself so secretively? Tell me right this minute!”

Johnny: “Don’t worry mom, ‘scrack.”

Mommy: “You’re smoking crack? Shame on you!”

Johnny: “No, mom, it’s the toothsome snack chip from Italy called ‘ScracK’.”

Mommy: “Well then give me some ScracK, please.”

make the jump to see what they really look like with Fork in the Road’s magical, almost-3D photography

ScracK is a crunchy baked snack, resembling tiny loaves of bread with an herb-and–spice powder precipitated into the crack in the top. It might even be “healthy,” who knows? ScracK is made in Verduno, a small town in Italy’s Piedmont, by the Panealba company. The crackers taste like Middle Eastern zaatar bread, which means that the herb on top is probably oregano or a close cousin. There’s also some black pepper in the mix, leaving a slight burn in the mouth. Need I say that the snack is addictive? (Oops! That word is going on the list of proscribed food words.) Buon Italia, Chelsea Market, 15th Street and Ninth Avenue