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Maybe you’ve heard of “snowflake babies” but never really known what they were. They’re not really babies — just frozen embryos about the size of a comma. But because they can be implanted in women and gestated into children, conservative Christians say the frosted ‘flakes are people. And they’re raising holy hell about it. Jessie Beauchaine explains.

Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” that was pretty good. More “Cookie Puss” than Weird Al. What else have Das Racist got? An interview with Rob Harvilla.

In their state senate coup, Tom Robbins observes, Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada Jr. “seemed more interested in wreaking havoc than making sure they survived to enjoy a comfortable future. That could be because neither really has one.” Read why both men may be in prison by year’s end.

We are walking toward Whatever Works, but slowly and nervously. J. Hoberman gives it to us straight: “What sort of perspective is there when a movie that goes out of its way to mock It’s a Wonderful Life winds up even more lazily pandering?”

“I just had a horrid idea for a sequel that I pray never happens: Ben Stiller in Night at the Holocaust Museum. Oy!!!” Later Michael Musto goes to amfAR’s Honoring With Pride benefit, where Lady Bunny‘s acceptance speech “had her remembering all the cocksucking and orgies through the years (one with four Cuban guys in Field’s Miami residence)…” It’s all like that. You’ll love it!

Oye pendejo: Ask a Mexican about good-for-nothing gabachos and proper Mexican grief etiquette, and Gustavo Arellano answers.

New York’s considering a bill to grant thousands of new food vendor licenses. But vendor Mohammed Ali has a hard time making ends meet with his hot-dog cart as it is. Sarah DiGregorio trails him.

Dear Savage Love: so I sucked this guy’s cock and later I find he’s shit my couch. What should I do? Dan Savage has answers to this and many other household problems.

What happens when fancy-schmancy literary artists take on the pre-verbal world of popular music? Heavy Rotation: Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives, that’s what! And for added kicks, Zach Baron asked contributors like Alice Elliott Dark and Mark Greif to talk about their favorite tracks off their chosen albums.

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