New York

Bobb Trimble


Another week, another rediscovered psych legend making his first NYC appearance. Or, at least, he’s a longhair with a few private press LPs. This time, it’s Bobb Trimble—he of Harvest of Dreams, Iron Curtain Innocence, and the Worcester, Mass. Bobb Records “scene” (c. 1980-1982)—who sounds a precious lot like Gene Ween in “Captain Fantasy” mode. (That’s definitely a good thing.) Trimble’s high, feminine heartbreak—once set amid space fields of stardust arpeggios, fuzz guitar dispatches, acoustic strums, and the occasional landline busy signal—touches amid crate-downloading dorks who fetishize such dudes. (That’s maybe a good thing.) Presented by Viva Radio; RSVP to

Thu., June 25, 9 p.m., 2009

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