Food Nazi Gives Healthy Eating a Bad Name


Yesterday, we pointed to a Times piece about MeMe Roth, the Upper West Side mother of two who has her kids sneak any junk food they’ve been given at school into a Tupperware she calls a “junk food collector” so that they can bring it back to her and she can use it as evidence against the school’s feeding practices.

Since we brought you this tidbit, Gawker has picked up the story and had a few extra nuggets to offer on Ms. Roth (included the above photo). Apparently, MeMe also recently was featured in a Guardian article, in which she compared eating to rape–overeaters being rapists and their bodies being the victims.

Speaking of abuse… Roth sounds like her behavior borders on child abuse. We’re all for healthy eating, but forcing your children to spy on their teachers, narc on school birthday parties that serve cupcakes, and generally think of junk food as the worst kind of evil seems more than harsh. We should be teaching kids healthy eating habits, not scaring them into developing eating disorders. The Guardian article reveals that MeMe sometimes goes all day without eating–and “feels great!” about it. If her kids are picking up on this, they have bigger fish to (deep) fry than a couple of empty calories.