Looking for a lesson in how to save? Take a tip from the Beijing-based artist Song Dong’s first museum solo exhibition, Project 90: Song Dong, which puts on display everything from his mother’s home—and, apparently, she was quite the pack rat. Taking up nearly 3,000 square feet, the large-scale installation, titled Waste Not, can be seen as a time capsule of the past 50 years (the title is taken from a Chinese expression used by the generation that lived through the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1966–69/76). Song Dong began Waste Not as a collaboration with his mother (who died earlier this year) to help her work through her grief after the passing of his father. The exhibit includes the house itself, along with his mother’s countless cups, pots, basins, piles of folded shirts, buttons, dolls, and other household items, forming a miniature cityscape that viewers can navigate.

June 30-Sept. 21, 2009