In Staten Island Cycle of Violence, Hate Crime Victim Arrested for Mugging


Remember those three goons who went on a hate crime rampage last Election Night in Staten Island and the guy they rammed with their car? Ronald Forte — white, as it happened, though his assailants didn’t seem to notice — was in a coma for a while and still isn’t doing too good. Yesterday morning at 3 a.m., Forte, 39, pulled some sort of table knife (“steak or bread”) on a man in Elm Park and stole his cell phone. Cops found and charged Forte pretty quickly; Forte claims “memory loss.”

He’s not the only one of the Election Night victims who has had trouble with the law; in February teenager Ali Kumara, whom they beat with a baseball bat, was arrested for stealing a car.

“Staten Island is full of criminals,” shrugs Staten Island Advance commenter Wizard64. “Odds are the guy with the cell phone will be arrested for something one day.” The four Election Night attackers have all gone down on federal charges. It’s kind of like the end of Hamlet, if you think about it.