Incredibly Cheap Eats–Pork Dumplings and Noodle Soup


Left: Four dumplings, $1, Right: Giant bowl of beef noodle soup, $3

When we posted our Battle of the Dishes: $1 Dumpling Smackdown last week, commenter Noisejoke got on the horn to tell us we’d missed the best $1 dumplings in town, at Kai Feng Fu in Sunset Park (one of our favorite eating neighborhoods). Chagrined that we had never noticed this bastion of ultra-cheap dumplings, we hopped over there today, and discovered that Noisejoke was not kidding.

Hand over a buck, and your four dumplings are scraped out of the enormous wok in which they’ve been sizzling. Kai Feng Fu does very quick turnover, and the dumplings taste fresh. One side is blistered and crunchy; bite through the chewy skin and into a juicy, pink ball of pork and leeks–just enough leeks, just enough drippings, just enough gamey pork flavor. We’re not sure you can do better for a dollar.

There are many other ultra-cheap offerings, including a more dumplings, buns, Northern Chinese bread items, and a large array of noodle soups. The beef noodle soup (above) costs $3 and is served in a gigantic bowl. The fat, chewy wheat noodles are much like udon, and the slices of fatty beef on top remind us of pot roast. The broth is fragrant with star anise, but a little too salty.

We’ll be heading back here again, especially to try the bready specialties and to gorge on more cheap dumplings. Thanks for the tip, Noisejoke!

Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House
4801 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn