New York



Hearing voices in your head is usually a bad sign. But during We Know the Secret of the Colors, sound artist Jeremy Dalmas’s unique audio tour of Soho and Tribeca, it’s just part of the adventure. To get in on the secret, download the two-hour tour onto your MP3 player (if you don’t have one, Dalmas will hook you up), stroll to the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Spring Street, and press “Play” at anytime between noon and 5 p.m. A mix of stories, music, poetry, and history will then help you uncover sights easily overlooked on New York’s busy streets—or, as Dalmas explains, “I wanted to find the things that are unnoticeable, small, and remarkable in their smallness.” At the end of the two-hour trek, you’ll arrive at a picnic area where you can meet the creator, snack on homemade cookies, take part in communal art projects, and receive reassurance from other tour goers that you weren’t the only one hearing things.

Sat., June 27, noon; Sun., June 28, noon, 2009

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