On Taylor Swift and T-Pain’s “Thug Story”


The above video, which depicts T-Pain and Taylor Swift rapping together, frankly falls into We Probably Need to Mention This, But Damned If We Have the Slightest Idea What to Say About It category. As an experiment in whether Swift’s critic-wooing adorability can survive something this atrocious, I’d say it’s a rousing success: Her “I’venevereallybeeninaclub” line is perfectly balanced between “cute” and “terrible.” It’s probably best to just note that this is basically the Natalie Portman Rap with no profanity and leave it at that, but what really sticks with you here is T-Pain: Was there a point in his career when he wasn’t spoofing himself? Is he the Chuck Norris/William Shatner of rap? Does anyone else even come close?