Planning Commission Approves Unloved Coney Plan


The Coney Island redevelopment plan has been approved unanimously by the city’s planning commission. Amanda Burden, chairman of the commission, says it will bring “4,500 units of housing and 900 affordable units” to Coney and “preserve, in perpetuity, the open amusement area rides that everyone knows and loves.” Critics say, not so much. Activist group New York Jobs With Justice, whose attendees at the vote marched out and chanted in protest, complains in a statement that the 20 percent affordable-housing component is unreasonably low, and that the promised job plan “does not include any guarantees that these jobs will provide prevailing and living wages and benefits.” As for the amusement sector, Coney advocates have long protested that the plan is short on rides and long on ugly, disruptive development. On the other hand, Bloomberg and developers like it fine, and proponents managed to muscle a related rezoning plan through the community board, so the new Coney is probably unstoppable. Photo (cc) BLH Photography.