Watchman, What of the Right? Rightbloggers on Gays, Ensign


We were hoping, when GOP Senator and Promise Keeper John Ensign revealed his affair, for more rightblogger outrage, but alas, they have been pretty quiet about it. Riehl World View is forgiving: “People are human, they make mistakes” — except when they’re Democrats, especially Clinton, whose “behavior abused or denigrated the office he held,” says Riehl. Plus, in Clinton’s case it was “any potential blackmail that caused me the greatest concern,” whereas Ensign “exposed the affair the minute he realized he was in jeopardy of being black mailed.” Maybe we should put Ensign up for the Medal of Honor.

Ace of Spades agrees: “I do like that he admitted it the moment the blackmailer attempted to pressure him. That at least demolishes the affair as source of coercion or corruption.” The media, on the other hand, are treasonously informing our enemies that Ensign is a Republican. Don Surber also feels the outrage: “Liberals lectured us ad nauseam at the time [of the Clinton scandal] about sex being private. And now because it is a Republican adulterer, sex is public, public, public.” He has a point: while they’re happy to report Ensign’s adultery, liberals did manage to conceal Clinton’s, leaving Surber to break the news in his item today. Talk about burying the lede!

We actually prefer them, though, to the cowboys who are willing to persecute even their own for the sin of adultery. (“I don’t think anyone who cheats on his/her spouse is qualified to hold elected office,” says Say Anything, adding, “I’m not much of a social conservative.”)

Meanwhile we’re glad to see that, now that Obama is giving gay government employees partner benefits, rightbloggers who were gleeful over the rift between gays and Obama over DOMA are now back to shaking with rage at Special Rights for Homosexuals. Having them back in their default homophobia sort of restores the balance of the universe.