Weingarten Steps Down as City Teachers Union Head; Mulgrew Expected to Take Over


Randi Weingarten is stepping down as head of the New York chapter of the United Federation of Teachers. Of course, she’s also been head of the national UFT for about a year, so it’s not like she didn’t have her hands full.

We don’t know much about the man expected to replace her, UFT Vice President of Career and Technical High Schools Michael Mulgrew (pictured), except that he gets lots of play in the union newsletter, and that he’s been Weingarten’s right-hand man in New York since her ascension to national office.

It’s interesting that Weingarten is leaving before the settlement of a new UFT contract with the city. (In a recent Voice article our own Wayne Barrett said Weingarten, who had previously received generous terms from the city, was “using raging controversies over charters and mayoral control to get the best contract she can at a time when there’s no money in the [public] till.”) The Daily News is saying some union folk are upset about her leaving between the deal goes down.

We expect this was in the works well before Albany went coup-coup, but with the state senate on apparently permanent hiatus, it may be that mayoral control of city schools will lapse on June 30 without the legislature being able to reauthorize it. New Democratic senate leader-in-waiting John Samson says that’s fine with him. Maybe Mulgrew is inheriting a whole new order.

Weingarten got a twofer from the New York Post today, which reported that she was dating former RIAA head Hilary Rosen as well as this news. Photo via The Chief.