What to ‘B’ to Lamb & Jaffy


Every week or so in ‘What to B When You BYOB’ we ask a local wine shop to recommend a few good wines under $20 to pair with the food at a nearby BYOB restaurant.

This week, we talk to Meguire Campbell, the manager at Vine Wine in LIC, about what to bring to Lamb & Jaffy, with its affordable New American menu, just over the Pulaski Bridge.

“We get quite a few people coming in for Lamb & Jaffy,” says Meguire. “And we go there ourselves a lot, too.”

Chateau de Bonhoste Rose, Bordeaux, France 2008 ($14.95)
“[Lamb & Jaffy] always has a seasonal risotto on the menu, and now it’s a summer one with tomato. So, I would go with a rose for that. We have a lot of rose here. We love rose, mostly drier styles. The Bonhoste is dry, but fuller in body than most, yet still crisp and clean. There’s a wild strawberry thing going on there. It’s good with not just the risotto, but some of their salads, cheese plates, and the devils on horseback.”

Les Trois Domaines Rouge 2007, Guerrouane, Morocco ($11.95)
“They do burgers there, and this wine would go especially well with their lamb burger. It’s from a hot, dry climate so it has a lot of ripe tannins, and chewy dried fruit flavors. It’s full bodied, but soft and approachable, and would also go great with the steaks. ”

Muralhas De Moncao Vinho Verde 2008, Portugal ($11.95)
“This is 100 percent albarino, and is so great with the chicken salad. There’s a slight prickle or effervescence to it, so it’s fuller and rounder than most vinho verdes. It has citrus, melon, apple, and maybe even a little ginger on it.”

Bernard Moreau Rouge 2007, Burgundy, France ($17.95)
“They usually have duck on the menu, and I love Burgundy with duck. It’s also good with anything gamey or even lamb. This wine is a great value. It’s really well balanced, with a nice handful of earth, pure fruit, just a touch of oak, and that great forest floor note you get with Pinot Noir. It also has great spice and cherry fruit.”

Bouke White Blend 2008, North Fork, Long Island ($18.95)
“This is a great local wine. It’s a crazy blend of almost everything you can imagine–Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewurztraminer. It’s slightly aromatic, but dry, dry, dry. It’s floral with hints of mango and pear. It’s delicious with the brie, and any seafood dishes.”

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