Like punk music, it is impossible to define zines, and tracing the beginnings of these homemade publications can be even harder. Was the inaugural zine Tristan Tzara’s first issue of Dada, or was it Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack? If you’re looking for a definitive narrative to the story, you won’t find it at the NYC Zine Fest ’09 at the historic Brooklyn Lyceum, but there will be much celebration of DIY publishing and small printing presses. In true zine spirit, this labor-of-love festival isn’t affiliated with any organization or institution—it’s just a way for artists, writers, and collectors of zines to present their work, learn the tricks of the trade through various workshops, and probably talk each other’s ears off about Guy Debord.

Sat., June 27, noon; Sun., June 28, noon, 2009