Zombie/Nazi Flick Dead Snow the Year’s Gooiest


Dude, that’s not a regular zombie biting your neck, it’s a Nazi zombie! Which means that the flesh-eaters in Dead Snow are better dressed than your typical George Romero undead, and a lot more relentless. The unlucky travelers crossing paths with these swine are a modern-day group of medical students vacationing in the Norwegian Alps. A local tells them that, during World War II, a platoon of German soldiers was driven by the nearby townspeople into the mountains, never to be seen again. “There’s an evil presence here,” he warns, but, of course, the arrogant youths don’t listen. For more than half of this 90-minute film, director Tommy Wirkola plays things pretty straight—a mistake, perhaps, since the first half is pretty boring—but once the Nazi zombies start arriving en masse, he abruptly shifts to an Evil Dead–style zaniness, including the sight of a potential victim hanging off the side of a mountain while using a zombie’s entrails as rope. Let’s call this the gooiest movie of the year (so far).