Albany Weather Report: Getting Heated


Here’s the latest — and toughest — in a series of blasts issued today by various Democratic state senators. Neil Breslin [pictured], who represents the Albany-Delmar district, says that Democratic rebel Pedro Espada “brings shame to this chamber and this state.”

Breslin, a seven-term legislator not known for getting bent out of shape, adds: “Never before have I made such a statement about any member of the Legislature, which speaks to the severity of the situation at hand. Under no circumstances can this man be a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office.”

The fact that Breslin’s attack comes after an early afternoon session between Espada and members of the Democratic caucus suggests the Dems are back where they started this morning, trying to embarrass the Republicans into shutting down their new-found ally.

Also weighing in with his own Espada-bash is Darrel Aubertine, the same legislator whom Espada had hinted earlier today might come over to join hjm on the GOP side of the aisle. Doesn’t sound like it: Espada,says Aubertine, “is not suitable in our eyes to be one step away from presiding over this state as govenor.”

Update: A missive from Diane Savino, senator from Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, also deserves notice: Espada is engaged in a “desperate attempt to extort power.”