Beer in a Bag–Behold, The (Sustainable?) CarboPouch


Beer bottles and cans are a hassle to carry, right? Introducing, beer in a pouch. Trading on the buzz word of sustainability, The Beverage Pouch Group claims that its portable single-serve StandUp drink pouches are better for the environment than bottles or cans. But TreeHugger points out that were the pouches to catch on, there would be fewer reusable bottles for homebrewers to use. Oh, and the pouches can’t be recycled so must be incinerated after use.

Upon further research, however, we discovered the 16-oz Single45 format of CarboPouch. Isn’t transporting it cheaper and lower on gas emissions than transporting glass 45s? And isn’t transport the biggest part of the beverage industry’s carbon footprint? Depending on how the pouches get trashed, the sustainable claim may not be so far-fetched. Correct us if we’re wrong. (No, really, please do!)