Here We Have a Photo of Electrik Red With Duct Tape Over Their Mouths, If Such a Thing Interests You

by passes along word of the NO H8 campaign, a celebrity protest of California’s risible, gay-marriage-squashing Proposition 8 — the movement seems to consist of lush photos of semi-luminaries (Ashley & Pete, Tara Reid, Mark Hoppus, Taylor Dayne (!!!)) with their mouths taped shut and “NO H8” written on their faces. I’d much rather gag the opposition in this case, but the sentiment is much appreciated nonetheless, especially now that The-Dream’s delightfully deranged girl group, Electrik Red — they of “I thought I wouldn’t really give a fuck/But now a bitch all in love” fame, just to quote another line for a change — are on board. Do have a go at their debut record if you haven’t yet. “Bed Rest” is the jam.