Hillary Clinton Breaks Elbow; Internet Reacts


Hillary Clinton fell on her way to the White House and broke her elbow yesterday, and will require surgery.

Condolences pour in from all over the internet. “It must be a vast right-wing conspiracy” — Holy Coast. “Was she confused and disoriented?” — Ann Althouse. “When reached for comment by Bucks Right, former President Bill Clinton seemed interested only in finding out if her knees were ok” — BucksRight. “That’s a lot of weight for one elbow joint” — Libertyblog (which also suggests Clinton was trying to get out of a scheduled meeting with Angelina Jolie because “Being photographed next to Angelina Jolie is not flattering to a woman of Hillary!’s age and beauty”). “Is NO truth to rumor that Hillary actually breaks elbow by try to scrub white stain from blue dress” — WordMarvin. “Could it be bad Kamma from supporting Tamil Tiger Terrorists against Sri Lanka?” — tigahunta. “No handjobs for Bill this summer… ;)” — designsnake. Etc.