Organ Recital–Sheep Intestines and Trotters


Our friend and far-flung correspondent (and former Gourmet food editor) Lillian Chou picked up and moved from Jersey City to Beijing in February, and you can read about her exploits in the blog Chinagirl. Periodically, she sends us pictures from behind the Bamboo Curtain.

She posts these photos from Kashkar, a desert oasis in remote Xinjiang, where the Turkic group called the Uighurs live. (Their food can be found in Brighton Beach at Cafe Kashkar.)

At left is a pile of sheep’s intestines, both large and small, which have been stuffed with a grain-laden forcemeat. Below is a pile of lamb feet, or trotters, which have been dried. They will provide the gluey broth for a rich stew. Another popular variety meat from the lamb is the tail fat, which is made into kebabs, also used between pieces of tough meat on kebabs to make them more tender.