Sensa Makes Food Smell Better, More Satisfying; US & Canada Reach Organic Trade Agreement


Before you drop a dollar in that busker’s open guitar case, be forewarned: Dunkin’ Donuts has hired a dozen street musicians to play around Manhattan. The faux buskers are making $20 per hour in the “Breakfast NOT Brokefast” campaign, which promotes eating a Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast instead of donating to street musicians.
[NY Post]

The United States and Canada have agreed to accept each other’s standards for organic food, which will allow for more between the world’s two largest organic food producing nations. The deal lets farmers and food processors certified by either country’s regulation system market their products to the other country without having to undergo a second certification.

Sensa, a weight loss product in the form of granules that get sprinkled onto food, works by heightening the scent and flavor of food, which stimulates the olfactory bulb, the organ that transmits smell from the nose to the brain, to signal the “satiety center” of the hypothalamus, which releases hormones that suppress appetite. Yum!
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In the face of hot competition from McDonald’s and 7-Eleven, Starbucks will start grinding its coffee beans before each new pot of coffee is made throughout the day instead of only in the morning–which is really how any respectable cafe should make coffee, might we add.
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The bill to give the FDA more funding and power to police food safety was passed yesterday. The new legislation was proposed after outbreaks of illnesses related to tainted spinach, peanuts, and hot peppers, and allows the FDA to order food recalls, impose new civil penalties, and require companies to follow food-safety standards.
[Wall Street Journal]