Staten Islander Flees Meth Charges, Phones to Say: “California, Baby!”


Staten Island’s David Fishbein is making a name for himself all over America. The 33-year-old Great Kills man and his companion, Melanie Peer, 37, of Toledo, Ohio [both pictured right] are being hunted by Mississippi police for running a meth lab in a hotel room in Ocean Springs. But the search will now turn west as the Staten Island Advance reports Fishbein and Peer have gone on the lam and called in to say, “I’m on my way to sunny California, baby!” Fishbein phoned from the road to protest his innocence, and to claim that all the meth-making supplies cops found in his Mississippi motel room have a logical explanation: the household lye, for example, was there “because frequent head-shavings clog sinks.”

“I’m not going back there in the lion’s den just because some hick wants to ask me some questions,” says Fishbein, who also announces he plans to marry Peer while he’s out there, at an undisclosed location. “Consider it an early honeymoon,” he adds. “Staten Islands finest Export Quality!” says an Advance commenter. Family photo via Advance.