Strange Snacks of the World–Bread Pakora


On Monday, we brought you Battle of the Dishes: Hole-in-the-Wall Samosa Smackdown. While Desi Deli Punjabi Dhaba’s samosa did not reign supreme in that contest, we discovered a different, notable, diabolically delicious menu item at the tiny cabbie hangout: the bread pakora.

We already know about the Mumbai favorite known as vada pav, a fried potato fritter on a buttered white bun–but that’s just one example of the highly tasty, carby and calorific dishes that Indian cooks came up with when confronted with the leavened white bread of Western invaders.

The bread pakora brings the tasty, the carby and the calorific to a whole new level. We had never before seen this particular battered, fried treat, but the shop owner informed us that bread pakoras are popular in Punjab.

Basically, two triangles of the puffiest, whitest white bread you can imagine are filled with spiced potatoes and onions, dipped in a chickpea-flour batter, and deep-fried. The batter creates a craggy, golden shell around the potato sandwich, locking in the spicy filling.

Eaten with the restaurant’s homemade green chile chutney, Desi Deli’s bread pakora is one for the record books.

Desi Deli Punjabi Dhaba
724 10th Avenue