Albany Coup in Review: Everyone Went Home; Aubertine Says Dems, GOP Almost Made a Deal


In case you’re wondering what’s going on in Albany, the answer is: nothing. The state senators went home, or to their mistresses or illegal campaign contributors or whatever. The Democrats backed off their previously announced plan to seek another injunction from the courts against Pedro Espada, who still says he’s got two votes. We guess they’ll just continue to boycott the chamber until somebody arrests Espada.

Darrel Aubertine, the Democratic senator who was (absurdly, we thought) rumored to lean toward rebellion himself, told North Country Public Radio that the two sides actually came close to agreement yesterday on that power-sharing, alternate-leadership-days plan — but it foundered when Republicans insisted Espada remain president pro tem even on the days the Democrats were supposed to be in charge. That doesn’t sound like a very serious offer to us, but Aubertine insists they’re still negotiating, or will be when everyone gets back to “work” on Monday.