Bike Propaganda Contest Offer $4,000 Prize, Film Fest


The drive by responsible cycling advocates to get us all to stop at stop lights, wear helmets, and generally bike like Urkel has reached the propaganda phase. Transportation Alternatives has launched a Biking Rules Public Service Announcement and Photo Competition. Make and submit videos and photos that either “promote cycling in New York City” — the “Why Biking Rules!” category; look at this video for an idea of what they go for — or “convey one of the tenets of the Biking Rules ‘Street Code,’ such as yielding to pedestrians and keeping off the sidewalk.” These can range from oh-you-silly-cyclist sight gags to “I din wah mah hemmet an nah ah ken tawk so guh” cautionary tales. Soon we’ll all be driving giant tricycles while wearing foam spacesuits, but in the meantime help your fellow two-wheelers stay safe and feel good about themselves and you could win a $4,000 prize and see your video premiere at the First Biking Rules Film Festival in October.