Court, Times Rule Holden Caulfield Cannot Be Used Without J.D. Salinger’s Consent


“Bill, about these plots you’re using… you don’t by any chance have legal clearance on them, do you?… Sure, maybe they were old folk tales, but I understand some kraut wrote the one about Hamlet down… lost to history, eh? Well, better him than us! One more thing, Bill: the Tudors called. They’re not crazy about you using Kings of England in your plays. In fact they forbid it… yeah, yeah, that’s what I said, but they showed me the door — the door to the Tower of London, I mean. Now, maybe you would appreciate the solitude for your muse or whatever, but I’d like to stay out here in the breathing world. Can’t you write about the King of France? The boys in the pit love frog jokes. Make him really gay, you can’t go wrong… yeah, I know, Bill, but what can I tell you? People are really fussy about their property, even when it’s only intellectual.”