Our Ten Best–Pizzas


New York City boasts the best pizza in the world. Period. But which ones to choose for Our Ten Best? There are so many kinds: We’ve got thin Neapolitan slices, and thick Sicilian slices, with Staten Island slices in between. We’ve got individual pies, and gang-size pies. We’ve got clam pies, and ziti pies, and pies with no tomato sauce at all. We’ve got deep dish Chicago-style, and cracker-thin Roman style, too. We’ve got neighborhood parlors galore in all five boroughs, where the pizza is nothing special, but we crave their pizzas anyway. We’ve got brick-oven pies, wood-oven pies, coal-oven pies, and pies that come from conventional ovens. We’ve got double-crust stuffed pies, calzones wishing they were pies, and pies littered only with potatoes, mushrooms, or zucchini and nothing else save a few twigs of rosemary. We’ve got pies given away free in bars, and pies so expensive that we can barely afford them. Finally, we have pies that pretend to be the true pies of Naples. One assertion has never been open to question: No food is more native to New York than pizza.

Here’s a teaser: Made by an old guy in Brooklyn who fusses a lot with his pizzas, the slice above isn’t numero uno, but it’s close. Jump to discover what it is.

1. Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano* (1524 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-372-8606) 2. DiFara’s** (1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, 718-258-1367) 3. John’s* (278 Bleecker Street, 212-243-1680) 4. Denino’s (524 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, 718-442-9401) 5. Grimaldi’s (19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 718-858-4300) 6. Patsy’s* (2287 First Avenue, 212-534-9783) 7. Lombardi’s (32 Spring Street, 212-941-7994) 8. Roberta’s (261 Moore Street, Brooklyn, 718-417-1118) 9. Motorino (319 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-599-8899) 10.LaVilla (261 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-499-9888)

*—Original location only **—This, of course, is the slice in the picture

Runners Up: Joe & Pat’s (1758 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, 718-981-0887); Luigi’s*** (686 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-499-3857); Lil’ Frankie’s (19 First Avenue, 212-420-4900); La Pizza Fresca (31 East 20th Street, 212-598-0141); Krispy Pizzeria (7112 13th Ave., Brooklyn, 718-745-9618)

***—Pies only, don’t buy slices

Your favorite pie not here? Please tell us where so we can check it out.

next week—tacos