This Week’s Post-Black-Cop-Shooting Diversity Training Story


You may dimly remember that a white cop shot a black cop recently. The reaction has been the usual: nice gestures toward the deceased, calls for investigation, and diversity training. Thus, the cops have hired a professor to “investigate whether racial bias influences whether a cop fires a weapon or not.” Happy hunting, professor. And NY1 tells us today, “NYPD Recruits Get Lesson In Diversity, Community Relations,” with assurances that “the NYPD is more diverse today than it has ever been” and an account of a “cross-cultural understanding” session, held (nice touch) at the Apollo Theater and featuring Al Sharpton. That ought to fix things.

Meanwhile the Amsterdam News reports that cell phone videos of the Omar Edwards shooting aftermath show “officers walking around Edwards as he appeared to be handcuffed, not rendering aid to the victim.”