Vegetarian Delights of NYC–Jalapeno Pie at Famous Pizza


You can feel your lips burning, and stomach churning, by just looking at this jalapeno pie (click for heartburn)

Elmhurst is the location of the original Famous Pizza, a chain which has spread to locations as far-flung as the East Village and Jersey City. It’s still the best by far, though the Jackson Heights branch comes close. This chain caters to vegetarian Indians by providing single-person pies, each with a single vegetable topping. While the tender-tongued with head for the broccoli version, say, those with a lust for spiciness with grab the jalapeno, smothered in fresh green chiles selected for their hotness. We challenge you to eat the whole thing in one sitting. 83-07 Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, 718-271-3000