What Are Cheery People Hiding?


I’m not saying everyone should walk around with a scowling hatchet face all the time–though I do–but I get concerned whenever anyone is too chipper and happy, making me wonder just what feelings they’re compensating for. I invariably run from anyone who’s relentlessly upbeat and chirps up a storm, never allowing a second of silence to fill the air, sort of like a cheery Disney nanny crossed with a talking-to-cover-up-the-despair Beckett character. People like that make me queasy because they’re not being honest with their inner turmoil!

You know the type: The ones that come over and go, “Hiiii! You look amazing!!! And look at your place! It’s like a museum, there’s so much beautiful stuff everywhere! I love your style–always have, always will! And can you believe this weather? It’s so gorgeous outside! And it’s gorgeous inside too.” [Quick pause for breath] “You look amazing! Do you have a portrait in the attic? I love that pillow over there…”

Oy. Clearly these people want to be loved, so they turn on the positive switch and gurgle their way into your good graces, but with me, I end up wanting to push them into the mud, smile first.

So tell me: What exactly are happy people hiding? And shouldn’t they switch meds?