Finally, Lily Allen Is the Tool For a Change


Lily Allen, who has accused many a man (and woman) of being a tool, or words to that effect, is now herself a tool. The artist Pete Dungey’s latest project is ‘Alan Keys,’ a set of Allen wrenches depicting the most famous Allan’s/Alan’s/Allen’s of 2009. The rankings come courtesy of “a survey to establish who the most well-known ‘Alan’ was in 2009” undertaken by the artist earlier this year. Being a Brit, Dungey’s list perhaps unduly privileges Alan Titchmarsh, the famous English gardener, but Lily is holding fast at third. Surely there are some people who would take deep, mildly sadistic pleasure in employing these wrenches in the everyday grind of bicycle maintenance and home repair.

Pete Dungey “Alan Wrenches” [Selecticism]
Alan Keys [Pete Dungey]