Gimme! Coffee CEO Tells How to Cold Brew Iced Coffee At Home


It seems like summer might never arrive, but in the hopes that it does, we thought we’d look into the best way to whip up iced coffee at home. Luckily, Kevin Cuddeback, the CEO of Gimme! Coffee, was on hand to advise.

“[You can make] delicious iced coffee using standard home appliances,” says Cuddeback. “[All you need] are any whole-bean, medium-roasted African coffee (Gimme! Coffee’s Epiphanie from Rwanda, for example), any digital scale, a French press, a flat-bottomed paper filter, and tap water.”

Step 1: Brew
If you love your at-home coffee ritual, you must have a digital scale. Your ability to repeat great results depends on your willingness to minimize margin of error by measuring carefully. Determine the liquid capacity of your press, leaving 3/4 of an inch from the spout. Use about 1 oz of ground coffee for every 10 fl oz of water.

Grind fresh–slightly coarser than for a French roast–using the best grinder available. Pour the grounds into the press and top with tap water until the brew is about 1/2 inch from the spout. Pull the plunger up and place the plunger assembly on the press so the brew is covered. (Don’t push the plunger down yet.)

Let it sit at room temperature for about 12 hours.

Step 2: Enjoy

After 12 hours, the cold brew is ready to be pressed. Remove the plunger assembly and rinse the screen. Rinse the clean paper filter under tap water and place it over the top of the French press. Insert the plunger such that the paper filter rides as the first layer of filtration in the press. Depress the plunger evenly until it provides the slightest resistance as it reaches the bottom.

Pour cold brew concentrate into a glass over ice until it is 1/2 full. Top with tap water until it is 3/4 full. Taste it. Add more water or coffee concentrate for the strength that suits you. Pour the unused portion into a clean glass pitcher and store in the fridge for your next hankerin’.

If, through experimentation, you develop a variation on this technique that produces exceptional results, let us (and Kevin) know.