Japanther Do Barnes & Noble: The Video


The video of Japanther’s guest spot last month at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square is online and, if you’re at all inclined to pay attention to these guys and their art project of a band, it’s entertaining. Though the graf-punk pair obeyed most of the talk-showy rules–they didn’t tag the branded stage backdrop, for example–they did manage a few mini rebellions. Like opening with two songs instead of the pre-planned one (“Bumpin’ Rap Tapes” and “The Dirge”), extolling the finer points of hanging out with bums, and cursing profusely. First words, out of their author co-star China Mieville’s mouth: “Can I just say, I’m so glad Japanther swore before I did? . . . Thank you, you guys fucking rock.” In addition, Drummer Ian Vanek, the more loquacious of the two, wore a Pentagram on his shirt, talked smack about the Catholic church (a few if his heretic comments are actually censored in this video, though his swearing isn’t), and explained his social modus operandi (“If you’re a jerk, you’ll get a jerk from me; if you’re a sweetheart, you’ll get a sweetheart from me”). The only thing missing is audience shots; it’s be great to see how a roomful of Starbucks drinkers received the chorus: “I love you/No matter where you spend the night.”