Mess Up the Sound at a Crystal Castles Show at Your Own Risk, Apparently


Canadian 8-bit rave duo Crystal Castles are infamous for playing shows in which the violence and drama quotient far exceeds anything you’d expect from a couple of people who make what’s basically dance music–Alice Glass, in particular, the band’s leather-jacketed, heavily eye-linered demon frontwoman, seems like a person you wouldn’t want to fuck with while she was in the grips of a performance. But this is apparently exactly what happened at Sonar Fest in Barcelona on Saturday night, when sound difficulties–and maybe a bit of security interference, it’s hard to tell from the video–led Glass to begin to violently dismantle the band’s drum kit, before being forcibly carried offstage by a security guard in the ensuing scrum.

Little Boots, a fellow Sonar performer, was a witness. “Woah just watched crystal castles at sonar, sound was awful throughout kept cutting out so at te end alice started trashing the stage…then the sound guy tried to rugby tackle her so ethan jumped out and punched him! Massive!” she twittered, before adding: “Okay just spoke to alice apparently it was her who socked him one ha ha.” The video is pretty entertaining–we particularly approve of the tiny, frustrated ball Glass curls into at the foot of the stage before exploding with rage.

Crystal Castles Get Into Fight With Security At Sonar [Gigwise]