Oasis Still Really Lousy in the Customer Service Department


Ha–a full 20,000 people requested their money back after Oasis played a show in their own hometown of Manchester. To be fair, the sound was apparently plagued, and Noel Gallagher announced from the stage that the band would be offering refunds to anyone who could produce a ticket, saying “this is a free gig from now on.” But the loyalty of an Oasis fan is evidently basically zero–“So you were genuinely disappointed?” Gallagher wrote on his blog, after a small city’s worth of concert-goers took him up on his offer. “There wasn’t a 20,000 gap in the crowd.” At 70,000 total in attendance, that averages out to a little less than one in three unsatisfied customers or, as Gallagher went on to call them in the same blog post, “Cheeky cunts.”

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