Quinnipiac Poll Makes Siena Poll Look Optimistic


Depressed by the new Siena Poll, which shows that New York hates its elected officials and itself? Try the new Quinnipiac Poll (thanks, Liz). It’s even worse! 71 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the state now, and 78 percent call our government “dysfunctional.” They spread the blame pretty much equally among Paterson, Democrats, Republicans, and Don’t Know. Astonishingly, 50 percent want the Democrats in control of the state senate and 30 percent want the GOP to rule. (What astonishes us, of course, is that there was no groundswell for the Raving Looney Party, though maybe that’s because it’s English, or because voters assume it’s the party currently in power.) The best news is that the Albany coup only makes 42 percent of them “embarrassed to be a New Yorker.” We would have guessed much higher. Nonetheless most respondents (62 percent) prefer that a commission draw the new state district lines, rather than the legislature itself as is customary. New Yorkers may be gloomy, but they’re no saps.

Any more polls out there? Please ask them if they prefer our current leadership or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.