Strange Snacks of the World–Walkers Smoky Bacon Potato Crisps


The British Isles has experienced a snack food explosion akin to our own. Flavored snack chips are one of its foci, available in a vast range of flavors. But while Americans are snapping up chips in flavors like green onion and sour cream, vinegar and sea salt, and barbecue, the English have their own artificial flavor obsessions, as you can see by examing the snack food selection at Myers of Keswick, the long-running Brit grocery in the West Village.

Prominent among the flavors is one that tastes like bacon, called Walkers Smoky Bacon Flavour Potato Crisps, making us wonder, why has no American company created such a delectable sounding snack? Take one bite of a Walkers chip and you’ll find out why. The taste is decidedly artificial, and the word “bacon” appears nowhere on the declaration of ingredients. Fork in the Road thought they were awful, with an oily, almost rancid, quasi-smoky flavor. But don’t take our word for it.

make the jump to see what the chips actually look like.

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Walkers Smoky Bacon Flavoured Potato Crisps–Blech! (click to crumble)