Yellow+Blue(=Green)–We Sample the Latest Tetra-Pak Wines


Boxed wine has been making headlines lately for its ability to keep wine fresh and its overall eco-friendliness.

The gas emissions associated with transporting wine are a huge part of the industry’s carbon footprint, a footprint that isn’t so simple to calculate. For example, a Bordeaux drunk in New York can have a smaller carbon footprint than a wine from Napa, depending on how it made its way here.

That’s all well and good. But, about this boxed wine… how does it taste? We got our hands on a couple boxes of Yellow+Blue wines. The concept is interesting: wineries that normally sell their wines for $18 a bottle have agreed to put their product into Yellow+Blue (=green, get it?) boxes to be sold for $12 per box. And that’s for 1-liter boxes, as opposed to the 750 ml size of most wine bottles. The wines are all organically produced from hand-picked grapes in Argentina and Spain. (The company’s founder, Matt Cain, cut his teeth at Kermit Lynch, a wine merchant known for his organic and biodynamic wine selection.)

Y+B has a white, a rose, and a red. The white is a Torrontes from Argentina, a grape variety that is making waves these days. It’s full of citrus and hay notes with a peachy palate. The rose is a Syrah-Monastrell blend from Spain with plenty of strawberry in the mouth and a subtle vanilla finish. The red is a fruit-forward Malbec from Argentina that doesn’t lack for that earthy, forest floor quality associated with the grape. The verdict? We would totally rock one of these boxes to our next BYOB event. And we love how they sit so innocuously in our fridge door, like cartons of plain old fruit juice.

Y+B wines are available at wine shops like Astor, Chambers Street, and Bottlerocket, and are even being poured at Terroir wine bar. So, what are you waiting for? Make the plunge into Tetra-Pak now.